DRV8825 Stepper Motor Driver SHORT CIRCUIT


I made short circuit with heat sink on one Pololu DRV8825 driver. But now don’t work none of the four this drivers, which were at that time connected on the bord for 3D printer.

Can I repair these 4 drivers:


Best regards

Hello, Poldek.

I am sorry you are having trouble with the DRV8825 carriers. How did you determine that the drivers are damaged rather than some other part of the printer?

To know for sure whether you can repair your DRV8825 carriers, I would need to know what part of the board was damaged and what kind of soldering skills you have. Can you see any visible signs of damage?


I try with one A4988 driver wich I have for reserve. About soldering is not a problem.
On one driver is visible sign on the biggest black part. On this driver I made short cicuit with heat sink.
But on other tree drivers there aren’t visible sign.

Hello, Poldek.

It is not clear to me why the other DRV8825 stepper motor drivers failed, but it is probably not practical to repair them. Is it possible that the driver with the heat sink short circuit damaged your 3D printer board, which in turn damaged the other drivers?

If you email us directly at support@pololu.com with your order information, we might be able to help you out with a discount on some replacements.

- Zeeshan