DRV8825 Stepper Motor Driver issues

Im having some issues working with my stepper motor and the DRV8825 driver.

Im working with the DRV8825 driver to control a stepper motor with the following specifications:

  • Rated current/phase: 0,67A
  • Phase Resistance: 5,6 ohm
  • Phase inductance: 4.2 mH
  • Rated voltage/phase: 3,8V

Im using a 19,5V 3,34A power suply and i have set the current by measuring the current driving through a single motor coil without clocking the step input and in full-step mode at 0,5A. This way i think the current limit per phase is limited to 0,7A.

With this configuration, the motor just makes some noise but it doesnt spin.

Any ideas why this is happening?? If more information is needed dont hesitate to ask.



I am sorry you are having problems with your stepper motor driver. How are you testing the stepper motor? At what rate are you trying to step the stepper motor? Could you tell me what voltage you measure from the Vref pin? Could you also post pictures of your setup?

- Grant