DRV8825 Stepper Motor Driver Carrier, Cannot drive stepper

Cannot drive stepper.

Not getting any voltage or current to coils.

.5v Vref




I am sorry you are having trouble with your DRV8825 carrier. Can you tell me more about your system? How are you sending control signals to the driver? What stepper motor are you trying to control? How are you supplying power? Can you also post pictures that clearly show your setup and connections?


Hi Jonathan, thanks for the reply.
I am using a Arduino Uno with a breakout shield.
I have tried various steppers with various voltage.
I have LEDs i series with the coils which light up as each coil is energized.
Power is bu USB to the arduino and a variable Voltage 10 amp power supply for the Stepper Vmot.

Breadboards do not make for “clear” pictures, but here you go.

I was not getting Vref until today, I set Vref at .58 volt.


Depending on specifically how you have your LEDs wired, they might be responsible for your stepper motor not responding. You might try removing those LEDs from your system for now to see if you can control your stepper motor normally. If that does not help, you might try contacting the manufacturer of that stepper motor driver (it is not one that we make).


Thanks Jonathan, removing the LEDs was next on my list.

Sorry about the manufacturer mix up I thought I had bought from you.