DRV8825 skipping steps

Hi, Im building my own delta 3D printer and I’m having issues with the DRV8825 that controls the nema23 placed in the sliders. First, some hits to put you in situation:

-Arduino mega/RAMPS 1.4 based system with Marlin Firmware (latest version).
-Nema23 set at 2A (current according to the datasheet)
-DRV8825 calibrated at 1V, so 2A in the output.
-Running at 30mm/s
-12V PSU
-1/32 ustepping (I think this could be a potential solution, should I full-step?)

That’s the main information related to what I have, but also I have discovered some things that could help you.

-Skips steps at same angle of the motor. At first sight I thought it was a friction problem but wasn’t, even before lubricate everything and take out the motors, still skipping steps.
-I have the feeling that when skips steps the motor doesn’t have torque at all, actually I can move the slider “freely” till goes up enough (and out of that angle that skip steps) and then works fine.
-I have read many many posts and I suspect about the low speed (DRV8825’s at low speeds and low currets dont work nice) so ill try to increase the speed to see what happens.
-With manual control, I can go over the critical zone and doesn’t skip steps (obviously, travel speed with no extrusion is bigger than printing speed)
-Haven’t tried that antiparalel diode solution that can be found in (http://www.engineerination.com/2015/02/drv8825-missing-steps.html) But don’t think will be a solution, i really have the feeling that has a huge loose of current.
-Have checked lots of DRV8825 so is not a bad driver.
-I have many suspects that has to be the driver because is a cyclic problem, also I have changed 2 times the arduino/ramps and happens the same. Some signal in the output could be the issue.
-The problem appears in two of the three motors but, if I change the drivers, the issue is now in the motor connected to the driver.

After googleing and reading lot of forums and posts, I don’t know what can I do. I hope All the info above helps to put you in situation.
Thanks in advance.


I am sorry to hear you are getting missed steps with your DRV8825. It is hard to know for sure why that is happening, but it seems like it might be an issue with the drivers overheating, which should be relatively easy to troubleshoot. Can you try lowering the current limit to 1.5A or so and see if you get the same behavior? Also, can you post pictures or a video that clearly show the drivers in their setup? This should help me check to see if anything is obviously amiss.