DRV8825, questions about power supply

I recently just found one of your videos on YouTube regarding the DRV8825, there are some details that were not clear to me, such as what the current supplied to the Vmot pin should be. I understand it has a voltage range but I couldn’t find an amperage range. I currently have a 23 stepper motor that requires 1.5A per phase and I’m trying to decide which driver to buy. If you had some other options to control my stepper motor I would like to know about them.

We have several stepper motor drivers and controllers that would work fine with a 1.5A per phase stepper motor. Since they are all current limiting drivers, the main consideration you need to make with regards to the power supply is their operating voltage. The current requirements of your power supply will primarily depend on the rated voltage and current per phase of your stepper motor as well as the voltage of the power supply.

As an example, if you were using a stepper motor rated for 4V and 1.5A per phase, your power supply should be at least 4V (or whatever minimum operating voltage of your stepper motor driver is, whichever is higher) and be able to handle at least 12W ( 1.5\text{ A per phase} × 2 \text{ phases} × 4 \text{ V} = 12 \text{ W}). So, something like a 12V, 1A supply would be fine. Please note that this only really applies if you’re using a 4-wire bipolar stepper motor. If you’re driving a 6- or 8-wire stepper motor, it will also depend on the wiring configuration you use.

If you still aren’t sure and want more specific advice, could you post more details about your stepper motor (preferably a link to a datasheet or product page)?


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