DRV8825 Problem about wiring


I am using DRV8825 , Nema-17 Stepper motor, Arduino Mega 2560 and i have had drived the stepper motor before but now i can not take what i want.

Considering the situation that i maybe could have burnt the DRV8825, i have bought a new one. I excatly set the circuit as shown in product page as how i did before succesfully.

Now i tried with both, but the point i get is :

DRV 8825 works fine because Nema-17 Motor is vibrating.

Vibration could be caused because of wrong wiring of Stepper motor cables but i have had drived it before. ( I tried almost whole combinations of wiring )

Here is the order of wiring Nema-17 :



Thank you for reading the post.


Hello, Ugar.

I am sorry you are having a problem with your stepper motor driver carrier. I do not know if you have one of the NEMA 17 stepper motors we sell, but if you do, the wiring order you listed should be correct.

Did you set the current limit for the new stepper driver? We do not set the current limits on them to any specific value when they are manufactured, so you must set the current limit before using the driver. This blog post on our web site contains a video that describes how to properly set the current limit on a driver and sample code that can be used for testing.

If that information does not help you get your setup working, could you tell me how are you powering the stepper motors? Also, could you post pictures here that show your test setup and all of the connections in it?


Hello again,

I solved the problem. In a nut shell : i connected whole cables okay, although the system worked well before, it used to not work. But now i just tried that connect gnd ( next to FLT ) to another gnd pin on arduino. Now everythink ok.

Let me remind that as a software engineer.

My code does not work and i donno why :confused:

My code does work and i donno why :confused:

Thanks for spending time to understand problem. I hope this post will be helpfull to the other friends. Take care.