DRV8825 Motor Hot swap Question

I am trying to make a test box of stepper motor.The test box is to check the stepper motor(800mA) is good or not.I will very usually to hot swap the motor about 1000 times a day.Is DRV8825 can support the hot swap or how can I protect it?

The very fastest way to destroy a motor driver is to disconnect the motor leads while it is powered up. Drop the idea of a hot swap, and always make sure that motor connections are secure.

I knew that But I am the Quality Control Personnel.I need a test driver to make sure the motor is good.

If you insist on “hot swapping”, buy a large number of motor drivers and plan on replacing them frequently.

Pololu gives quantity discounts.

What if I permanently connect a load resistor across each coil terminal (and driver supply),sacrifice some torque. Will the transients will be dampened ?

As Jim (as well as the warning on the DRV8825 carrier’s product page) mentioned, connecting or disconnecting the load while it is powered can damage the driver. To protect the driver, you can disable it during motor swaps by adding some kind of switch. There is a dedicated enable input that you can use to do this (E̅N̅B̅L̅).


I got it!
Thank you BrandonM.