Drv8825 faliure at 40v

Hi, having faliures of the drv8825 @ around 36v+ VM .
I’ve gone through the datasheet and double checkd the math. Are there known issues, or maybe I’m getting sold replicas as originals.
In the latest failure session. the stepper wasn’t even connected and then something inside the driver shorted causing a small apature near the TI logo. I’ve built upwards 200 gadgets that use your shields , but always at 12v-24v , now that i’m looking to run it at 40v im running into this issue. The power supply is very stable (loads of capacitors on the supply). Any suggestions?

Also where can I buy them in Brazil, and be sure it’s legit?


Can you post some pictures of your boards and your setup that show all of your connections? Can you use an oscilloscope to confirm that the supply voltage is stable?

Here is a list of our distributors in Brazil.

- Patrick