DRV8825 driver doesn't work with higher torque stepper


I use the DRV8825 stepper motor driver carrier in connection with a bipolar stepper motor (Nema 17, 12 V, 0.33 A, 46 mH inductance, 34 ohm coil resistance) on a 13.8 V power supply and drive it with an MBED. I have no problem to drive this stepper motor.
But when I connect a higher torque stepper motor (Nema 17, 12 -24 V, 1.68 A, 2.8 mH inductance, 1.65 ohm coil resistance), the motor only does a short, single movement and the DRV8825 gets very hot immediately. I have checked the connections and as I can connect the first motor correctly I think that I have also connected the second stepper correctly.
Does anyone know the reason for this? Are the coil resistance and inductance of the second stepper motor to low for the driver?


What have you set as the coil current limit for the high torque stepper?

I tried different settings of the potentiometer, but that doesn’t help.

It runs now. Probably some problems with the pot.

Hello, Klaus.

Just turning the pot to see what works is not a good way to set the current limit. You should follow the directions for setting the current limit that can be found under the “Current limiting” section on the DRV8825 product page.

- Grant