DRV8825 current problems

I am a newbie trying to control a stepper motor with a Raspberry Pi and the DRV 8825. I am following the guidelines in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LUbhPKBL_IU&t=371s

I set my Power Supply to 12v before connecting it, but when I turn it on it defaults to a low voltage depending on the current. It is not possible to adjust the voltage on the powersupply, only the current.

If I disconnect the Pi it reads 12v, but then there is no current flowing. I have tried with two different DRV 8825.
Could it be that there is any large resistance somewhere in the system? Or is it anything obvious I am missing here? Attach a picture of my setup.


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I have found the problem. There is some sort of grounding issue in the monitor or the monitoroutput on the Pi, or in the Power supply. Detaching the monitor solves the current problem