DRV8825 current limiting issue: VREF always zero

Hi. I just got my DRV8825 drive tow days ago. When I did current limiting, the reference voltage was always zero no matter how I turned the potentiometer. It seems like the VREF pin is grounded. The wiring is shown in the figure attached. I measured the vref exactly as what the figure showed.

I’m wondering if the driver was broke. I guess so because my first soldering was bad so I desoldered pins and soldered again. I probably heated the board too long (more than 5 secs). When connecting wire, I always keep capacity connected before or after I disconnecting the power supply.

Anyone had similar problem with me? How can I test my driver see if it’s broken or not.

Thank you


From your picture, it looks like you are missing a couple connections. Specifically, it doesn’t look like you have anything pulling the SLEEP and RESET pins high. You can find a minimal wiring diagram and other information on the connections in the “Using the driver” section under the description on the driver’s product page.


Problem solved.

You are right. I made all connections and it works. Thank you.