DRV8825 current draw jumping

Hi…In my case DRV8825 set to 1/32 microstepping, driving dual Z motors in parallel.
After more searching online for similar issues, I read that its best to wire motors in series rather than parallel. So I made a wiring harness to accomplish this, and tested again, measuring the current. This made a significant improvement, but I still saw a jump from 0 to 0.22A or so which was not as smooth as it should . I wish I knew how to eliminate it entirely.

Hi Lula,

Could you please some a sketch of how you wired the two motors? Parallel it seems obvious than series. Also are you using Arduino to control it? I would appreciate it if you could show me your code to compare it with mine.

Hello, LulaNord.

I moved your post and ahmadiah’s reply, because this is seems like a separate issue. It sounds like you are observing skipped steps in your stepper motor system. Is that correct? Can you tell me more about your system? What stepper motors are you using? (Can you provide a link to their datasheet or a product page for them?) How are you supplying power? Also, what are you using to control the DRV8825? Are you noticing this jump while the stepper motors are loaded in your system? How much load is on them?