DRV8825 Carrier Mount

How do I mount the DRV8825 carrier in a project box. It does not seem to have any holes from mounting it to stand-offs? I looked on the Pololu website but could not find anything for mounting the DRV8825.

Personally I made a carrier board to mount it, and to pinout in a more convenient way. A lot of people use this as “drop in drivers” especially in the reprap community. so they have their main motherboard so to speak, and a female pins to plug this into it. Is has the benefit of easy replacement if you blow them.

Another option is to use high temp hot glue or epoxy. But with epoxy you’re not going to be able to move it, and with hot glue you have to hope your application is sufficient and your board doesn’t run too hot.

A third option is to use zip-tie mounts. The mount is a double sticky item that has a loop for a zip tie. In turn you would tighten your board in a zip tie loop.

I’m not sure what else people have considered.

Thanks for the options. I know I want to be able remove it if need to change something or replaced it.