DRV8825 board in 24V

i use DRV8825 boards with MKS GEN 1.4 with a 24v supply voltage in 1/32 mode,
as my motors are NEMA 17 rated current 1.2 A,
i had set the Vref to 0,6 Volt,
but do you think i had to solder the pin 19 to the FAULT or to the pin M2?
as said here:

Many thanks for any suggestion!


Are you noticing any issues with how your motor is stepping in 32nd step mode?


Hello Claire,
For the moment no, they seems to run well… but i haven’t tryied to print yet…(i’m waiting the Inductive sensor)
and they doesn’t seams to be quieter than my olders A4988!
what could change if i solder them for the fast mode?

If you have not noticed any issues, I suggest trying the drivers without modification first. Slow decay generally gives a smoother torque output than fast decay, but fast decay is generally better for faster speeds. If you are interested in trying to see more about how your system will behave with different decay modes, this spreadsheet simulation tool might be useful.


Hello Claire,

i’m going to test pololus MKS TMC2100 v1.0 with my board mks gen 1.4 in 24V,

my motors are: NEMA 17 Stepper motor 17HS3001-20B rated current: 1.2 A

Do you know if we calculate the vref like others pololus? 1.2/2= VREF = 0.6 V

and what about microstepping… did i need to put off jumpers?

By advance, thanks for your advice


We do not make any stepper motor driver carriers with Trinamic chips on them. You should contact the manufacturer of that driver to find out how they recommend setting its current limit.