DRV8825 and velleman k8055

I would like to know how to connect DRV8825 to velleman k8055 card.

So far my experiment was not working. I connected +5v signal (pulsing from 0 to 5v) to STEP pin, +5v supply from k8055 to RESET pin and SLEEP pin, gnd from the k8055 to GND pin. I also connected 12V supply for motor,etc like you described with instructions.

What happens is that motor is shaking a little even without connection to STEP, when I give +5v pulse to STEP it starts to spin uncontrollable making half of the circle then few steps back and forward,etc


I am sorry you are having problems with your DRV8825 stepper motor controller. Could you tell me more about your setup? How much current can your power supply deliver? What is the current limit on your stepper motor driver set to? What are the specification of your stepper motor? Could you also post a picture of you setup?

- Grant