DRV 8825 stopped working

I’ve been using the drv8825 since this saturday. Everything was perfect and worked for a ton of hours, but now it stopped working. Happened after the DRV 8825 got disconnected from the power source while on operation. I’ve read that disconnecting the stepper is guaranteed to destroy the drv8825 but haven’t seen anything regarding the unplug of the source.
It has a 100 uF capacitor in paralel with the VMOT - GND pins and was operating at 0.59 VREF for a 1.68A motor on 1/32 microstepping to avoid heat - still the heat cooler was installed.

Fault pin is at 3V, like the logic power at reset/sleep

After noticing disconnection, I connected it again with the arduino turned off. Then tried to power everything but didn’t move the stepper (its still making the “ON” sound when sleep/reset is turned ON) so I just turned everything down again to avoid further damage (maybe its just only on safety mode off?)

Thanks for supporting


If the motor was moving at the time, it might be possible that the back EMF could have damaged the driver. Could you post some pictures of your setup that show all of your connections as well as some close-up pictures of your DRV8825 carrier board?


The carrier board is a universal PCB soldered with tin and copper wire

Unfortunately, that is not a genuine Pololu board, so we cannot offer additional support for it. Also, please note that there our documentation probably isn’t valid for it either. You might try contacting the manufacturer to see if they have any suggestions.

For future reference, if you want to be sure that you are ordering genuine Pololu products, then you can order through our website, or you can get them from our authorized distributors.


Hello! To be honest, I wasn’t aware of any board so I just made my own with a universal pcb. I bought the Pololu drv8825 at a local electronics shop. I’ll try and ask for one of these the next time. Surely will make things easier.
What could be a way to prevent this kind of damages? Does this Pololu board protects from this eventualities?

Thanks for your response!


It isn’t clear what specifically damaged your board, so I cannot offer any suggestions to prevent it from happening again. In general, making or breaking connections while your system is running is not good practice, and more specifically to motors, making sure the motor is stopped (or even de-energized) before removing power would probably be the best precautionary steps to take.