DRV 8825 overheats intantly

Hello guys!

So im having a bit of trouble running an easy stepper motor. It should be easy but my DRV 8825 gets instantly hot after it gets electricity.

So im using and arduino Uno and an Driver extension board.

The arduino gets 5V from a cable and i hooked up and 12 V and 1,5 A power supply to it so it should be fine.
I wanted to set the vref for my drv 8825 but it got really hot in like 6 seconds ( its above normal )
So i tried it with another drv 8825 (both were brand new) but now i turned the vref down to zero ( last time i worked with stepper motors after adjusted the vref it worked fine and doesn’t got this hot )
But after i turned down the vref to zero it still got really hot in like 5 seconds.

So my question is: Do you guys know why it could happen? i mean the power supply should be good the drivers are brand new and could it be the motor modul extension?
( Extension module for DRV8825/A4988 stepper motor driver )

or do you guys have any idea how to solve it?

  • Karcsi

Hi, Karcsi.

Could you post pictures of your setup that show all connections and both sides of the problematic DRV8825s? Could you also post a link to documentation for the driver extension board are you using?