DRV 8825 compatibility

I am designing and building my own 3D printer. I bought Nema 17 4.2Kgcm steppers (1.7A)
and connecting to Ramps4.1 via DRV 8825 but it isn’t working. Arduino updated with 1.8.3
I am unable to configure 12864 Full LCD too. a little advice will be a great help.

Thank you.


It sounds like you might not be sure if the trouble you are having is with your Ramps board or your drivers. If that is the case, you might contact the manufactures of your shield for broader help. If you want help troubleshooting the DRV8825 carrier board, could post pictures of both sides of your DRV8825 carriers and tell me what you set the Vref voltage for the current limit to?