Driver for winch motor + arduino?

Hey all,

I just bought a Badland 5000lb ATV Winch (pdf manual) and I want to control it with some custom software. It will need force and speed control, though not extremely accurate.

I was thinking about hooking up an Arduino Duemilanove to a driver PCB (looking for this got me to Pololu) and using a Wheatstone bridge with a pulley and rotary encoder for feedback.

So my question is: what driver would you recommend? I want to get as much power as possible without paying more than ~$100. The source will be a 12V car battery and the winch manual says it draws up to 296A.

Any other suggestions are appreciated.

I doubt if you will find a 12 volt, 300 amp DC motor controller for less than $300. If you do, let us know!
This one is pretty cheap at $385
There are lots of “golf cart” controllers, but most require 24 volts or more.


We don’t carry any drivers that are even close to appropriate, and like Jim, I do not think your desired price range is realistic (but I’d love to hear if I’m wrong!).

- Ben