Driver for g2 18v15 motor controller

I’m trying to install drivers for this motor controller. Program does not recognize the motor controller like the download finished. What am I missing?


I moved your post to the “Motor controllers/driver and motors” section of the forum since it sounds like it is about the High-Power Simple Motor Controller G2 18v15

Could you post some more information about what you are doing and what results you are getting? For example, have you followed the instructions for “Installing the Windows drivers and software” from the Simple Motor Controller G2 User’s Guide? Are you getting any errors? You might also try reading through the “USB troubleshooting for Windows” in that section of the guide if you have not done so already.


Hi Brandon

Since posting, I believe I now have the drivers installed on my computer. When I open the Simple Motor Control Center, with the G2 18v15 connected to the USB port on my computer, in the box at the top that says “connected to”, the box is empty. I have a steady flashing green light on the controller. Apparently the software doesn’t know that it’s connected.

Am I missing something?

Thanks for your help


Another question. Will this controller let me program the length of travel of my linear actuator? I don’t want full travel on the extension. If not, which controller do I need.
Thank you

Just to be thorough, are you using the original Simple Motor Control Center software? Please note that the G2 version of the controllers use a different software, so if you are trying to use the original software, you should follow the instructions in the “Installing the Windows drivers and software” from the Simple Motor Controller G2 User’s Guide as I mentioned in my previous post.

If you have the same problem while using the G2 version of the software (i.e. the Simple Motor Control Center G2), you might try using a different USB cable. Some USB cables are intended only as charging cables and do not have data lines (so they cannot be used for applications that transfer data like this), and from the LED behavior you are describing, it sounds like the SMC G2 is not receiving the message back from the computer indicating that the drivers are installed correctly. Once it receives this message, the green LED should be solidly lit (except for brief flickers whenever there is USB activity).

The SMC G2 does not support closed-loop position control, but depending on how you want to limit the travel, you might still be able to use it. For example, the SMC G2 supports limit switches. Does your actuator have some kind of feedback available? If you aren’t sure, could you post a link to the actuator you are using?



You were right on both counts. I changed the cable and the computer recognized the controller. Then downloaded the G2 software and now it shows that it is connected.

8" Stroke 180 lb Thrust Heavy Duty Linear Actuator - ServoCity

This is the actuator I have. I need to extend at a set speed and distance, then retract at full speed. Is the controller I have now capable of this? If not, which one do I need. I have no issue buying a different controller if I don’t have the right one.

Thanks for your help

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I am glad you were able to get the SMG G2 connected.

The Simple Motor Controllers can control the speed of the actuator, but they do not support using analog feedback (such as that from the potentiometer on your actuator). To do closed-loop position control like that with the SMC, you would need to add something like a separate microcontroller to handle that. You might be able to use open-loop speed control by just timing your movements, but if that method is not precise or robust enough, you might consider the Jrk G2 24v13 motor controller.

The Jrk G2 controllers can use analog feedback to do PID control of the actuator’s position. To change the speed, you can adjust the “Max. duty cycle” settings.

Setting up and using a Jrk G2 controller for closed-loop position control is a little more involved than setting up the SMC G2, including some PID tuning. I recommend reading through the Jrk G2 user’s guide, particularly the “Setting up analog feedback” section. We have a pre-configured settings file for using the Jrk G2 24v13 with our medium duty Glideforce actuators, so you might try using that as a starting point, although you will probably still need to adjust the PID coefficients for your ServoCity actuator. You can find this settings file under the “Using a Jrk G2 motor controller with a linear actuator with feedback” heading at the bottom of our medium-duty linear actuator product pages, such as this one.