Driver for 60A Stall?

I have two 12V cordless drill motors I am intending on using in a robot and need to find a suitable controller. I have measured the stall current using a shunt and my multimeter with clamped shaft and the highest reading I got was 43A, but I found a datasheet that listed the stall as 60A (perhaps I didn’t see that current as it was present for too short a time for my cheap meter, or my wires to small?). I’ll be running the motors at 12v nominal. This is not a combat robot and will be under autonomous control.

Will the 18v15 be sufficient? Can I rely on current limiting to use a different driver?


We’re actually about to release a version with doubled-up MOSFETs, so that will be the best thing we can offer. Continuous current will be somewhere in the 25A range, so that should probably be good enough if you’re not constantly almost stalling the motor (which probably wouldn’t be good for your motor, anyway). The page should be up later today.

- Jan


The Pololu High-Power Motor Driver 18v25 is now for sale.

- Ryan

Brilliant! Thanks