Driver choice for car power window motors


I just got a ‘new to me’ car and it’s pretty low-tech compared to my other car. I want to add some more modern features like one-touch power windows and I think I can do this with an arduino and a motor driver by intercepting the signals from the stock switches.

Is it reasonable to believe that a dual VNH5019 motor driver shield would be a reasonable choice for this project? Also, would an arduino pro mini board work with that shield (with discrete wiring, obviously, due to differences in the form factor)?



Hello, Jake.

Thank you for your interest in our VNH5019 motor driver shield. Without more information on the motor you want to use, I cannot tell whether the VNH5019 shield would be able to handle the motors voltage and current requirements.

We do not sell the Arduino Pro Mini, so I am not very familiar with that model. However, from looking at the product page, it seems that the 5V version of the Pro Mini might be fine. If you plan on using your car’s electrical system to power your project, you will want to be sure to regulate the voltage to below the 12V maximum of the Arduino Pro Mini.


Thanks for the reply, Derrill. They are fused at 25A, so normal operation should be below that. Unfortunately, I don’t have one out of the car right now but I will check the current draw before I even get near them with the shield. I am going to be using a D15V35F5S3 to drop the voltage from battery supply for the arduino.