Driver 8825 motor voltage reduces to 7v from 12v

I have been working with stepper motor with DRV8825 stepper motor driver. It was working fine but now when i connect a motor to the driver, the Motor supply voltage comes down to 7v from 12v. I have also checked the motor with another DRV8825 stepper driver and motor seems to be operating fine. So i suspect the driver is gone. Can anyone tell me what could be the possible cause of it so that i can avoid such failures in future?
Thank you.

I have attached the driver connections with it.

From your pictures, it looks like the DRV8825 carrier you are using is a knockoff and not manufactured by us, so it is difficult to say for sure what might have damaged it.

Your description of the problem makes it sounds like there might be a short in the system somewhere. I noticed you have some jumpers that look like they connect the stepper motor to the driver; in general, connecting or disconnecting a stepper motor while your driver is powered can cause problems and potentially damage to the system. You might also double check that your heat sink is not causing an inadvertent short.


Thank you BrandonM.
Yes i have used jumpers so that i could monitor the current going to the motor while testing it. Will take care that driver is OFF while removing the motors connections.
How do i find whether the driver carrier which i have is originally manufactured by pololu?

There are various ways to spot a knockoff, but in general you can compare the unit to the pictures on our product pages, paying attention to things like component placement.

The best way to ensure the board you are getting is one we manufactured is to purchase it directly from our website or from one of our official distributors.