Does the DRV8833 need external flyback diodes?

The subject says it all.

I’ll be ordering a couple of the DRV8833 to use in my old RP5 chassis (one for each motor, in parallel mode). Googling and datasheet reading haven’t given me a clear answer. The datasheet does say [quote]In fast decay mode, the H-bridge is disabled and recirculation current flows through the body diodes; in slow decay, the motor winding is shorted[/quote] but I don’t grasp whether those “body diodes” do the same job as flyback (clamping, whatever) diodes. Especially in slow-decay mode (which seems to include braking).

So, is it all good? Or do I need to add a carrier board and some schottkies to my design?



Like you mentioned, there are diodes built into the MOSFETs used in the H-bridge, and you should not need to add an external diode.

- Jeremy

Groovy, thank you. Parts are now ordered.