Do you carry a motor driver that is a plug and play replacement for the L298N motor driver card but rated at 30A?

My current project is exploratory in nature and the latest motor that I’ve been given to control runs at 30A/20VDC. DO you carry a product that can run this motor that uses the same pinouts as the L298N motor driver? My goal is to source a new driver that doesn’t require much change in my Arduino code.


We do not carry any motor drivers that can handle that kind of current with the same control scheme as the L298N driver. For currents that high, you might consider one of the RoboClaw motor controllers, which accept higher level interfaces such as TTL serial, hobby RC, analog voltage, or serial over USB. Note that we typically recommend choosing a motor that has a continuous duty rating equal to or greater than the stall current of your motor, so you might want to double check the 30A rating to see if it is the stall current or some nominal current rating for your motor.