Do i need a more powerful driver?


I have had an old Asymtek c-708 lubricant dispenser robot for a while just collecting dust and now i have decided to do something cool with it as a laser engraver or something similar.
It’s basicly an X-Y-Z table type thingy and its working but i only have the main unit so i cant use it as is.
So i got inside it and found that the X and Y axes are driven by 2 bipolar steppers:
1.8 degree bipolar step motor
Model: M22NSXB-JDS-NS-02
Po: 104W

Now, I have a pair of “A4988 Stepper Motor Driver Carrier with Voltage Regulators” that I could use but the chip looks wery small.
Can these A4988 stepper drivers drive my motors?
The A4988 chip is rated at 2A max per phase but thats with heatsinking, 1A without.
I guess i could try to heatsink them, it shouldnt be so hard.

Should i try the A4983 boards or should i look for something more powerful?
Its the first time i try drive steppers at this size.
Any input is welcome :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: .


The A4988 is limited to 35V. Those are very powerful stepper motors and probably require a fairly high voltage (65V is the maximum for the windings) to provide sufficient torque for the operation of the device. You could try running them on 24 V as an experiment, in which case the A4988 might work. It would help to know the coil resistance.

Hi Jim,

I suspect the stepmotors are to big for the A4988 boards.
The coil resistance of my steppers is 1.52 ohms/phase.

As i suspected the A4988 boards i have are to small i have ordered 2 L6470 based stepperdrivers.
These can handle 45V, 3A and have many nice functions included.
I hope these boards can work with the steppers i have.

Hovever, in the Z-axis on my Asymtek there is a VEXTA bipolar stepper, 1.8 degrees, 2-phase (PH266-01B).
This motor is 6V, 1.2A and maybee one of my A4988 boards can drive this one.
Im going to try that i think.
I was thinking of building a laser etcher/cutter with this Asymtek so i dont really need the Z-axis but maybee i make a 3D-printer or a small CNC cutter out of it instead.
The original X,Y & Z resolution on this thing was 0.001", so i hope i can make something with decent resolution with the mechanics and motors :smiley:
It looks like mechanics is roboust and of good quality.