DIR pin not working on 24v13

I am trying to drive current back and forth through a solenoid by holding the PWM pin high and toggling the DIR pin from an Arduino Nano.

The issue is that toggling the direction pin does not make current go in reverse like I hoped it would. Instead it seems like toggling it to reverse just makes less current go in the same direction.

Take a look at my connections and voltage across a series resistor when I toggle the DIR pin for 1 sec high and low. Note: The sleep pin is pulled high to 5V just for redundancy, I know it is default pulled high by the board.


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Hello, Nick.

The soldering on the logic side of the board looks okay, but I cannot actually follow the connections on the 24v13 or check the soldering on the power side of the board with the pictures you posted. Can you also post some more pictures, one that can let me follow the logic connections, one that shows the solder joints for the terminal blocks, and another that shows where you are connecting your oscilloscope probes?

By the way, it is not clear if you are using something like a differential probe to measure across the motor terminals with your oscilloscope. Please note that a single standard oscilloscope probe is not appropriate for measuring a signal like that. The ground clip on a standard probe must always be connected to your system’s ground. Connecting it to any other voltage (like one of the motor terminals) could result in damage to your system or your oscilloscope. If you only have standard probes, I recommend looking at the signal on each motor output with separate probes.

- Patrick

Hello Patrick,

Thanks for pointing out my mistake with the probe! I read up on the difference between a differential and standard probe and I now can see that it works.