Different voltage Servos

I am brand new to the Maestro, I am looking forward to getting to know it.
I have a project that uses servos of different voltages. 5 volt and 8.4 volt servos.
I am unsure how to get them all to work off the same controller.
Can I daisy chain two Maestros together and run one on 5 volts and the other on 8.4 volts? Would that be a simple solution?


Daisy-chaining multiple Maestro boards and powering the servo power rail on each one with a different voltage supply should work fine. Depending on your setup, there might be a few other options worth considering. For example, if you use a 12-, 18-, or 24-channel Mini Maestro, you can cut the servo power rail into separate banks and power each power bank from a different supply. You can find more details about doing that in my post here.

Alternatively, you could use the servo power rail on your Maestro for one type of servo and power the other type separately from the Maestro board.


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Thank you for your reply :slight_smile: :smiley: