Differences between HP, MP and LP versions of Pololu gearmotors?

Assuming the gearing ratios are the same, what are the differences between the high-power version and the low-power or medium power versions of the geared DC motors (for example, the 25D series) besides their costs?

Are there any internal differences (brush material that handles higher currents? Different windings/inductances? Winding wire gauge? Coil resistances? Bearing/collar design?) that will prevent me from using a 6V LP motor for 12V HP operation after switching external leads to appropriate gauges?

The cost difference between a 12V HP and a 12V LP is $2. What explains this?



The LP, MP, and HP versions of the 6V and 12V gearmotors are all different motors paired with a common set of gearboxes. There are some internal differences between the motors such as the number of windings, the magnet material, and the brushes that result in different specifications.

It sounds like you are asking about running the 6V LP 25D gearmotor at 12V to get performance similar to the 12V HP ones. It is generally ok to run brushed DC motors at a higher voltage than they are rated for to get more speed and torque, but doing so will generally shorten the life of the motor, and the higher the voltage gets, the greater the risk of catastrophic failure (e.g. windings melting) should the load get too high.

Powering the 6V LP motors at 12V might work for awhile, but since the internal components are not intended for that kind of operation, they will likely break down quicker than the 12V HP ones.