Diference betwwen a driver and a controller


I need to move a DC motor using a microcontroller but I am confused.
Which is the difference between a Motor Driver and a Motor Controller ?

I need to move a DC ( 6 Volts % 3 Amp) motor in two directions and differents speeds
from a microcontroller. Are Drivers and Controller usefull for this purpose ?

Thanks, Joe

Hello, Joe.

As we say at the top of our motion control category:

So in short, yes, you would find a motor driver or controller useful. The ideal one for your project depends on what kind of interface you are looking for.

- Ben

Thanks , But

I have an arduino and I would like to move a motor .

Which is better in your opinion the Motors Driver or the Motor Controller.

Thanks again.

It really all depends on how comfortable you are programming the Arduino. From your questions, it seems like you might be more on the beginner side of things, in which case I would recommend something like our dual VNH5019 motor driver shield for Arduino. It is probably overpowered for your particular motor, and it has two motor channels, but it is designed to work directly with an Arduino and we have an Arduino library available that makes it easy to use. Alternatively, you might consider our Simple Motor Controller 18v7, which is lower power and only has one motor channel. There is sample code in the SMC user’s guide for controlling it with an Arduino.

- Ben