Did I purchase the wrong driver? DRV8825 and NEMA 17HS19-2004S1

I’m trying to use the DRV8825 driver with NEMA 17HS19-2004S1 and having issues and I’m seeking confirmation that these drivers will work with these motors? I’m using the drivers on a RaspberryPI CNC hat from Protoneer (v2.58). Using UGCS to jog the motors and there is movement, but not controllable or predictable. I’m not using any microstepping at this point in time; thinking just the machine back to moving correctly.

I’ve set the VREF to 1V through the process in the videos on this site. I’ve confirmed the wiring several times, and in fact just rewired and confirmed just to be sure. Motors are rated at 2A/phase, 83oz-in.
Could the motors be bad? I should have recorded the coils info on each motor when I started. There is no cross coil conductivity that I’ve been able to find.

This is to a replacement CNC controller for a WhittleCNC machine that wouldn’t do all I need in its current form.

I read with interest: Stepper motor with DRV8825 and Arduino

Thanks for any help, suggestions, what to do next.


Hello, Greg.

We generally do not recommend setting the current limit above 1.5A for the DRV8825 driver and it is probably overheating and intermittently shutting off if you have it set at 2A. You might try setting it just below 1.5A and running your tests again under a light mechanical load to see if the movements are controlled. You should also be aware that the stepper motor will provide less than its full rated holding torque at this lower current.



Thanks, I’ll try that tonight. I plan on going through the motors tonight
as well to see if I smoked a coil or ground. I will let you know.
Should have ask Pololu first anyway.
Lession learned.

Hoover, Alabama. 35244

well it’s not the motors or motor wiring or power supply. I replaced the
controller board with another one I had around that is not the protoneer
RaspberryPi cnc hat where the drv8825 drivers are installed.

the motors are moving properly, accurate, and at the correct speed. they
also lock position as soon as grbl starts, like I’m used to seeing.

the old board has stepper motor drivers
that look like some pololu.com products you have, but there are no numbers
visible. Too bad they are soldered on or I would move them to the cnc hat
to test
along side the drv8825.

my next step is go to protoneer for help unless you’ve got more suggestions.

Thank you very much for all of the help
(still betting I’ve got something wrong…),


If you did not change the current limit to something below 1.5A, you should change that before you talk to Protoneer.


Will do. currently set to .72v
no pun intended.