Detailed pin locations for VNH5019 carrier?

I’m doing a PCB that will have a VNH5019 carrier mounted onto it ( and while some pins are easy (the 0.1" spaced signal pins) I’m not /quite/ sure of the detailed and precise location of the motor-side pins with respect to them.

I do have calipers, and one in front of me to measure, but I’d much prefer if I had an actual footprint/layout to work with. In the absence of that, even a mechanical drawing showing locations would let me draw a precise footprint of my own. The provided drawing ( ) shows some dimensions (e.g. the drill diameter for the mounting holes) but there’s no useful dimensions regarding the motor-side pin placements.

Does anyone (esp. Pololu) have a trustworthy drawing, footprint, or full PCB layout of the board I can get access to?


If you email us directly, we can send you a DXF drawing of the drill locations on that board.

- Ben