Demo VNH5019 motor shield prints garbage

putting the shield on the arduino uno, uploading the Demo, prints garbage on the arduino serial monitor.
changing the Serial.begin(115200); into Serial.begin(9600); solves the problem.

i read some similar complaints, where “pololu” stated the library couldn’t be wrong.
well the Demo is/was in my case.

rolf meesters

Hello, Rolf.

In order to see useful data with the Arduino serial monitor, the monitor’s baud rate and the baud rate of the sketch you are running should be set to the same speed. Our sketch sets serial communication at a baud rate of 115200. So, if you wanted to use the sketch without modifying it, you could set the drop-down menu at the bottom right corner of the Arduino serial monitor to 115200. The serial speed value for the Arduino serial monitor is usually saved, so any time you run a sketch with a different baud rate, you will have to change the value in the serial monitor, to make them match.