DC motor with the Tic 36v4


I’ve been struggling to find a clear answer in the forum so I decided to write a dedicated post.

For a misfortunate reason I need to use the Tic 36v4 (which is a stepper motor driver) as a DC motor driver.

It seems that in order to driver the A1,A2 outputs of the motor I need to Change the PWMMODE bit the Off register of the DRV8711 (all written in the 8711 documentation).

I can’t seem to find how to I do that. Can someone please help me ?



Unfortunately it would not be practical to use the Tic 36v4 as a DC motor controller because the Tic does not provide a means for the user to access the SPI interface of the DRV8711 either physically or through software. Why do you need to use the Tic this way?

- Patrick

Hello Patrick,

Thank you for the response!

I figured it would be possible since it is mentioned in the properties of the Tic in some foreign sites that sell the tic. It might have been in an old option ?

In addition, the guy at this thread seems to have done it, and I wanted to see if anyone else has an idea how to do it.

The only clue I have got is the source code of the Tic control center, the function that sets the settings has a line that controls OFF register and it might be possible to change it and comply the software by myself. But I am not a software engineer so it is too much for me.


The Tic 36v4 never supported accessing the SPI interface of the DRV8711 to use it like you suggested. Please note that the other thread you linked to is about a different product, the Pololu High-Power Stepper Motor Driver 36v4. Unlike the Tic, this board does directly provide access to the motor driver IC’s control pins, so you are able to access more of its features than you can with Tic at the expense of it in general being more difficult to use (for example, it does not have a USB interface).

- Patrick