Data sheet vs. real hardware?

Hello all and thank you for reading this,

I have purchased a A4988 black edition and have noticed that the pin-out of the device does not match the latest data sheet available at the Pololu website - rather, the device is marked at the back by “2012”, and has the exact pin-out as described in this video:

To demonstrate, it has a pin marked VMOT but no pins marked CP1 and CP2.

I do not dare using the A4988 without the matching data sheet.
Can anyone please provide a link?

Thanks in advance!


I think you might have the schematic of the carrier, which is given at the bottom of the A4988 black edition product page, and the minimal wiring diagram for the carrier, which is shown in the middle of the same page, confused. The schematic shows how all of the surface-mount components on the carrier board are connected to the A4988 IC. For connecting the carrier as a whole to your stepper motor and system, you should follow the minimal wiring diagram. Since it sounds like you might be new to using stepper motor drivers, I suggest watching the video in this blog post before getting started.


Hi Claire,

Yes, I figured this out by myself by now. Thanks for your time.