D37 Gearmotor Encoder: Pull-Up Resistors?

Hello Community,

I am developing my own board using the D37 gearmotors with the included hall effect encoders. I was wondering what is the appropriate pull-up resistor value to use for CHA and CHB?

I cannot seem to find any datasheet that shows this.

Thank you,

Hello, Daniel.

You should not need to add a pull up resistor to the output of the Hall effect sensor on those encoders; you should be able to directly use the output from the channels.

- Grant

Hello Grant,

I understand you don’t need to have pull-up resistors, and I do see pulses on my oscilloscope but I am trying to avoid any line noise and ensure I have correct logic level.

I have other applications that use optical encoders (HEDS Series) and they suggest using 2.7kOhm resistors in their datasheet. I was wondering, just to keep continuity, how would I calculate the correct value of pull-up resistors, if I would use them, for the Hall effect encoders on the D37s.


The circuit on the encoder board already includes a pull-up resistor, so you should not need to add one. There is an oscilloscope screen capture of the waveform output by the two channels of the encoder on the product page that shows the type of signal you should expect to see on your scope. Does the signal you are seeing not look like that?

- Grant