Cycle counter

I am using an Orangutan SVP324 controller and I am running a 4 Hitec servos 360 deg CW and CCW. I would like to add an external cycle counter using the controller and a count of 1 cycle per full revolution. The servo ,from neutral is rotating 1.1ms to 1.8ms . If the controller responds to each rotaion to 1.1 ms that shoud give me one count. I am having trouble programming this. Also, since I need an analog signal which would be the best I/O. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hello. The servos we know about that can do full rotations don’t provide any kind of feedback of their position. What servos do you have? Are they rotating in one direction only, or are they switching directions?


The motor is a Hitec servo HS-785HB that has a rotation of 1260 deg provided feedback through the pot These are not continous rotation motors. From nuetral the motor must rotate 365 deg clockwise, stops with a pause, wherein the rotation changes direction, rotating 365 deg counterclockwise and repeat in an infinate loop. As to the cycle counter; I am trying to program the controller to accept a certain position command as a reference to count each time the motor rotates to a defined position say neutral or whatever. A connection to an I/O for the counter would switch on and off at the defined position Maybe I’m off the wall here. Thanks


From what I can tell, the servo is a fairly typical sail winch servo, which means it does not give you feedback about where it is. If you command a position and wait long enough, you could assume the servo got there, and just do your counts based on how many times you’ve sent the commands to move back and forth; otherwise, you’ll have to add an external sensor to see if the servo actually got to where you wanted it to get to (or try to tap into the potentiometer in the servo).

- Jan