Current Probleme

I’m a french practice ingenneer and my english is not perfect. So, excuse me for the error :wink:
I want to use a DSMC to control 2 motors. But these motors need to start 1.5A.
It is possible to use the DSMC, even the maximum current is 1A.
If it is not possible, how could I control the motors.
Thank You.


The current versions of our motor controllers allow using one motor controller for one motor (using the two channels in parallel) to get up to 2 A out. You could therefore use two motor controllers for your two motors. Some of our customers have also successfully stacked multiple SN754410 motor drivers to increase the current output. However, your motors might just require too much current for our motor controllers.

If you do not need the full power that the motor delivers, you might consider lowering the voltage, which would lower the current the motor uses.

- Jan