Current Limit of TReX DMC01


I am using the current limit parameter of the TReX DMC01 motor controller. I have set the current limit to 22 using the Configuration software. I assumed that the current limit factor also coverts the current by multiplying the limit facor by 150mA. I would like to confirm whether this is true or not. I have taken the value of 150 mA from the get motor current command section. So if i am true i would be limiting the current to about 3.3 Amps.



Yes, that is correct, 22 would be setting the current limit to approximately 3.3 A. The units for setting the current limit are the same as those the TReX Configurator utility uses to report the motor current: 150 mA per count. Please note that this is only the case when using the configuration utility; setting the current limit parameter through a serial command is different.

  • Grant

Hello Grant,

Thank You so much for your reply. Yes i am only using analogue signals. Configuration software is using just to set the required parameters.