Controlling Two Jrk G2 21V3 controllers with a Single Arduino Mega R3 Board

I am experimenting with two Jrk 21V3 controllers attached to their own GlideForce #2305 LACT4P-12V-20 linear actuators. Right now, I want to control them through software on my Arduino Mega R3 Board, although eventually I hope to control them with a 2 line joystick (up/down for actuator #1, left right for actuator #2). Does anyone have any diagrams showing how to hook up two of the controllers to the Arduino?

Also, I have been looking at the Jrk G2 Library for Arduino, and at the sample code, any places to go for more sample code to review?

TIA for any help or suggestions!


You can independently control multiple Jrk G2 controllers from an Arudino using either the TTL serial or I2C interface. You can find information about these interfaces, including a diagram for connecting more than one unit, under the “Setting up serial control” and “Setting up I2C control” sections of the Jrk G2 user’s guide, respectively. Additionally, you can find information about which pins our Arduino library uses for different Arduino boards on the library’s README. Please note that for TTL serial control, if you want to receive data back from the controllers, you would need to run the return line through an external AND gate, so the I2C interface might be simpler.

As noted in the sections of the user’s guide linked above, to differentiate between the two Jrk controllers, you can configure them to have unique device numbers (which is used for the I2C address for I2C) using the Jrk G2 Configuration Utility. Then, when using our Arduino library, you can specify the configured device number when declaring the objects.

We do not have any sample code for using multiple controllers with our Arduino library, but if you try and have trouble, you can post what you have so far with a description of the problem and I would be happy to help. For reference, you can find information about each of the functions available in our library in the class list section of the library’s documentation.