Controlling stepper motors with a Raspberry Pi

We are trying to use this motor with a Raspberry Pi B+. Do you have any suggestions on which controler board to choose? We are planning to run the motor at up to 4000 steps per second. Ideal would be a usb controler, but any solution would be most welcome.
Thanks in advance.


You might consider the AMIS-30543 Stepper Motor Driver Carrier. This driver is controlled through SPI and can handle around 1.8A per phase without additional cooling. The DRV8825 Stepper Motor Driver Carrier might be an alternative option; it uses a simple step/dir interface and can handle around 1.5A per phase without additional cooling. Since your stepper motor is rated for 1.7A per phase, you will get slightly less speed and torque that your motor is rated for.

Please note that neither of those drivers have a USB interface. Since that is something you are interested in, you might consider looking into controllers from Phidgets like this one to see if it is appropriate for your application. Velleman also has some stepper motor drivers with a USB interface that you could look into.