Controlling JRK 21v3 with Arduino, code or Analog setup?

Hello, I am using an Arduino UNO with the JRK 21v3 motor controller. I am trying to control a LACT2-12V-20 Linear Actuator motor.

I have figured out there is a few ways to use the JRK 21v3 with it not being connected to the USB by using serial, PWM and Analog.

I would like to use the Arduino Serial outputs to send signals to the JRK 21v3. My code knowledge is still a bit of a novice and I am having some issues figuring this one out. How I can send basic serial outputs to send the motor to be fully open (4095) or fully closed (0).

My backup plan is to use the Analog input to just send a 0 or 1 to the Analog input. The only positions of the motor i Need are fully open or fully closed. Is there a special setup i need for analog to work?

thanks for your help


You should be able to control the jrk from your Arduino with either serial or analog inputs. More information on communicating with the jrk via serial can be found in the Using the Serial Interface Section of its user’s guide, which can be found on the Resources tab of its product page.

If you decide to use the jrk’s analog input mode, sending a 0 or 1 should work. Please note that you will probably have to adjust the input scaling parameters.