Controller, driver and motor advice

i’m interested in electronically controlling the dial on an otherwise hand operated device. this website was the first i stumbled on and seems great and as though it could give me the result i want. i am using this device daily, often changing its dial settings but then changing them back, to previously recorded positions. and the problem is the adjustments are very incremental and accuracy is difficult. while using it i was envisioning this system of electronics to take out the guess work and then i found this website.

looking for advice as to which products would best suit my needs:

a motor with a enough torque to turn the equivalent of a door handle. it also has to be step-less for accuracy,
note: the dial does not perform a full revolution in its work range. its around 290 degrees of motion range. maybe a servo could be used instead?

a controller system with easy to use interface.

a driver.

Thanks in advance.

If you could answer a few questions, you will probably get better advice.

How do you imagine controlling the knob’s motion? Will the human need to “do something” to the computer, in analogy to manually rotating the knob? If so, how does the computer make that task easier?

How do you know when the proper knob position is obtained? Is there an electronic signal that could be used to target the proper position?

How accurately does the knob need to be positioned (in degrees of rotation)?

How do you intend to mount the motor and connect the motor shaft to the knob?

Door handles vary greatly in the torque required to rotate them. Have you measured the torque required to rotate the knob?