Continuous rotation of stepper

First post here from somewhat of a beginner.
Here’s what I’m doing. I’m using the Tic T825 and i’m hoping to use it to drive a larger current stepping driver. This other driver will in turn power a Nema 23 stepper at a constant speed. This will all be triggered by using a limit switch as an input. It looks like most of my issues can be addressed from this post:

I expect to be able to get this working, but the next steps :unamused: are more fuzzy. I need to pass Ground , Enable , Step , and Direction from the T825 to this controller:

Where are the correct output pins on the T825? Do I even need the enable pin on the larger controller or is the Tic acting as my enabler?

Thanks in advance,

Hello, Erik.

You can access the Tic’s step and direction signals from its “STEP” and “DIR” pins. All of the ground (GND) pins on the Tic are internally connected, so you can use any of them as a common ground to your driver. From the link you posted to your driver, it looks like it is enabled when left disconnected, so it is up to you if you want to use it. For example, you could connect the Tic’s ERR pin to the enable pin on your controller to disable it when the Tic triggers an error.

By the way, it is not clear how much current you need for your NEMA 23 motor, but we do carry higher power Tic controllers like the Tic 36v4 that you might consider taking a look at to see if it can handle your stepper motor directly.


Thanks @BrandonM, on second inspection the T825 had enough current carrying capacity for my application. This simplified the entire problem and got me up and running.

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