Consumption of hindred tic 500

Hello David,

I’m making pretty good progress with my 100 tic 500 project.

i have Jkongmotor JK35HS34-1004 stepper motors,

However I have a power supply problem as soon as I put more than 35 motors together.

Of course I can see that the motors consume 1 amp and therefore 35 motors = 35 amps, I have a 5.8 volt 40 amp power supply,

moreover and this is my question I configure in the tic 500 a maximum of 175mampere (which is sufficient for what I want to do)

So a priori 175 ma x 35 should work.

So I’m not sure I understand what this 175 amp limit is and why the power supply fails to keep up

Thank you for your help

Alain Haerri


Model No. Step Angle Motor Length Current Phase Resistance Phase Inductance Phase Holding Torque # of Leads Detent Torque Rotor Inertia Mass
( °) (L)mm A Ω mH No. g.cm2 Kg
JK35HS28-0504 1.8 28 0.5 20 14 1000 4 80 11 0.13
JK35HS34-1004 1.8 34 1 2.7 4.3 1400 4 100 13 0.17
JK35HS42-1004 1.8 42 1 3.8 3.5 2000 4 125 23 0.22

Hi, can’t see the voltage rating of the motor going to the link that you shared. Pololu Nema17 motors have 10V rating: Pololu - Stepper Motor: Bipolar, 200 Steps/Rev, 35×28mm, 10V, 0.5 A/Phase
If you’re using the same motor, then 5.8 volt power supply can’t be sufficient.

Hello, Alain.

Wow! That is a lot of stepper motors!

Can you post some information (like a datasheet or product page link) for your power supply and explain how you determined that it is not keeping up with your load? If it is an adjustable supply, could you try setting the output voltage higher to see if that changes your results?

The Tic’s current limit controls how much current each phase of the connected stepper motor can draw. What that means for your power supply though is a little more complicated since you have to factor in your supply voltage. You can find more information in the “Choosing the power supply, Tic, and stepper motor” section of the Tic user’s guide, specifically under point 5 near the end of the section.

- Patrick

Hello Patrick
Thank you for your answer
In the meantime I understood my problem.
Indeed the limit of 175ma was respected by the tic.
What was wrong was the electrical wires between the power supply and my project about 2 meters of too small cable which in addition was rolled up by making loops and in addition the electrical cable of the serial port was rolled up with it.
Probably from a few amps consumed a magnetic field was formed and caused interference in the serial port cable.
I solved the problem by putting bigger cables and separating them well.
Thank you for the support

I am glad to hear you figured out the problem and were able to solve it! Thanks for letting us know.

- Patrick