Connector Pitch

Working on a prosthetic hand:

I need to know the 6-pin connector type so that I can put them on my custom PCB. If it’s SH, it should be 1mm, but other things on Pololu’s website say it’s 0.1" pitch, which is a really weird non-standard type AFAIK. I need the part identifier on Digikey/Mouser and more information on it.


What specific product are you asking about?

- Patrick

The 6-pin SH connector you sell Pololu - 6-Pin JST SH-Style Cables

Our JST SH-style connectors are 1mm-pitch. The JST SH-style connectors on our boards are compatible with JST part number SHR-06V-S.

Perhaps you saw 0.1"-pitch mentioned in the documentation for our breakout boards which include both the 1mm-pitch JST SH-style connector, and breadboard compatible 0.1″-pitch through holes.

- Patrick

Awesome! Thank you so much