Connection Jrk 24V21 to Arduino

I am looking for the proper way to connect a Jrk 24V21 to an Arduino to allow it to control a LACT6 with feedback. Ideally, I’d like to be able to use the feedback on the LACT6 to position the head during extension and retractions. My knowledge on linear actuators, controllers and Arduino’s is extremely limited. So, I apologize in advance for what are probably some stupid questions. I have searched Pololu and asked them for some guidance on connecting the Jrk to the arduino. I have not found anything that clearly shows where connections should be made. I’m hoping to connect it right the first time and not damage something in the process. The following are the connections that I think are right based on reviewing various sources. I’d appreciate any guidance.

I’m going to try to be thorough.
The Arduino will run on a 5V power supply connected through the plug on the board.

12 V power to Jrk - 24v21
- connect + to ‘VIN’ on Jrk
- connect ‘-’ to ‘GND’ on Jrk
Pololu is kind enough to have a clear connection guide for the LACT6-1000BPL and the Jrk.
- red from LACT6 to ‘OUT A’ on JRK
- black from LACT6 to ‘OUT B’ on JRK
- blue from LACT6 to ‘FBA’ on JRK
- yellow from LACT6 to ‘Aux’ on JRK

  • white from LACT6 to ‘GND’ on JRK
    Pololu suggested using the I2C connection and protocol. What I have found supports the following connections:
  • SCL on Jrk to SCL on Arduino
  • SDA on Jrk to SDA on Arduino
  • 'GND" on Jrk next to SDA to ‘GND’ on Arduino next to ‘13’ pin

What do I have wrong?
What have I omitted?

Again, thank you for any guidance you can offer.


Those connections all look correct to me.

You can see how to connect the actuator to the Jrk G2 in this picture from the LACT6-1000BPL product page:

You can find information about the I2C interface connections between your controller and the Jrk G2 in the “Setting up I2C control” section of the Jrk G2 user’s guide.

Also, you might double check your Arduino’s recommend input voltage range to make sure 5V is appropriate. You did not mention which particular Arduino board you are using, but the Arduino Uno and Arduino Leonardo both have a recommended input voltage of 7-12V when supplying power through the power jack (or VIN pin).

By the way, all of the ground pins on Arduino boards should be internally connected, and it should not matter which one you use for sharing a common ground with the Jrk.


Thanks Brandon. I had messed up the power supply to the Arduino.