Connecting power to your controller

This little motor driver is of interest to me. I’ll be driving a little 12 vdc gearmotor with it, that draws about 150mA - 300 mA under normal use.
In one of your photos you have the minimal wiring shown for just such as I need. Just to be sure, I don’t have to connect power to the VM pin, and I can indeed connect my 12vdc to the Vin pin. This 12 vdc will power my motor and the controller, correct?


The minimal wiring diagram on the MAX14870 driver carrier product page is correct. You do not need to connect VM to anything. As we state in the "pinout " section of the product page, the VM pin gives access to the motor power supply after the reverse-voltage protection MOSFET, and can be used to supply reverse-protected power to other components in the system.

12V at VIN will supply both the motor power and board’s logic power.


Great! Thanks so much.

Charlie Kerr