Connecting md01b

This is pretty basic but I couldn’t find it answered here. I’m connecting an md01b to an Arduino. I have some big power resistors to limit current to a Pittman gearmotor, and I have a separate power source (lead acid battery) supplying 12V.

What are the minimal connections to make a motor run in both directions or in just one direction?

I don’t understand why there are two enables and two directional signal points. ??

Thanks for any explanations!
-Mark M.

I’m imagining I will send duty-cycle pwm signal to the PWM input, just like it will be outputting, yes? Or will the md01b be expecting a servo-type signal? If that were the case, there’d be no need for directional input so I’m imagining it expects a duty cycle at some frequency, with the % duty cycle driving the motor speed. Yes??

Got it working, thanks…