Connecting MC33926 carrier to the B. Stamp microcontroller


I have the Dual MC33926 Motor Driver Carrier.
And I want to use it with a Basic Stamp Microcontroller.

I don’t know
if your products must be used just with pololu microcontrollers or
if your products could be used with other microcontrollers.

The MC33926 Motor Driver has not a very good documentation
and I think you could add some pictures or more information
to understand some of your products.

Perhaps your product is very good but since the documetation and examples
are not enough the final product will be not a good product for those like

Any way , of course you have the last word , but if you have any picture
or more information I would apreciate it. Even if you have some picture
using an other microcontroller will be usefull.



Yes, you can use our motor driver carriers with other microcontrollers.

Generally, our motor driver carriers are intended for people who are comfortable using the driver datasheet and board schematic as sufficient documentation. You can find information about the function of each pin in a chart on the Dual MC33926 Motor Driver Carrier product page as well as in the “Basic Application Connections” section just below the chart.

One consideration when using the Basic Stamp is that it does not have any built-in analog-to-digital converters, so you would need to add an ADC between the motor driver FB pins and the Basic Stamp if you want to read the current-sense feedback.

Our motor controllers are more user-friendly and require less complex connection schemes to make them work. You might consider choosing one to better fit your needs. They will work with other microcontrollers like your Basic Stamp. You also might consider our similar Dual MC33926 Motor Driver Shield, which has a detailed user’s guide and connection diagrams.